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Advances in time-lapse photography and motion control technology have transformed a once amateur pass-time into a highly skilled creative and industrial art-form.

contactAs one of the UK’s longest established time-lapse specialists, our skilled creative technicians are familiar shooting multi-genre time-lapse content.

Applications for time-lapse are unlimited.


Construction & demolition are slow processes. Show the evolution of a project from breaking ground to topping out with a dynamic time-lapse sequence.


Growth. Development. Decay.
Combine time-lapse with motion control and Ultra HD to reveal nature’s beauty with stunning clarity.


Reveal the movements, shapes and textures hidden in our urban and country landscapes.


As a sequence inserted into an existing creative proposal or for data analysis, the motion blur of a movement montage adds production value to any project.


Commercial sector applications range from demonstrating techniques, analysing work-place efficiency, or speeding up a process, to uses in training and marketing.


First-light first time. Evening-rise every time.