time-lapse  TIME-LAPSE
Timelapsey use the latest state-of -the-art high-definition cameras, advanced optics and imaging systems, and heavy-gauge camera support and grip equipment for superior stability.

We offer a choice of originating and delivery formats including 16mm film, Standard Definition, HD (720 & 1080) and Ultra HD in 4K or 8K resolutions.

We carry optics and accessories for every eventuality. Our established relationships with industry respected rental-houses ensures that all camera and lens combinations are always available.

All time-lapse cameras and lenses, motion control equipment and accessories are fully flight cased and ready for national or international travel.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or for our comprehensive camera, grip and lighting equipment menu.

slow-motion  SLOW MOTION
timelapse-slider-49Our specialist slow-motion cameras and techniques reveal details too fast for the human eye to register.

Our in-house slow-motion camera can record up to 250fps at 2K resolution.
Higher speed cameras are available on request.

Slow-motion sequences are the ideal solution for extending screen-time to show details hidden in sport, natural history, science, military, ammunition & ordnance, and high-speed commercial or industrial processes.

lighting-list  LIGHTING
We can supply full grip and lighting packages too.