Contemporary applications for time-lapse are virtually unlimited.

Our diverse platform of time-lapse and motion-control services have been utilised by clients for multiple applications across a spectrum of industries.

Inserting a time-lapse sequence into a creative proposal maintains audience interest and adds production value to any project.
Utilising time-lapse for data analysis in commercial and industrial environments speeds and simplifies the interpretation of complex information.

Creating compelling time-lapse requires a complex cocktail of equipment, equations and experience.

At Timelapsey we make time-lapse and motion-control combinations look easy because we understand our craft.

We also take the headache out of planning and the risk out of results by handling every aspect of your project requirements from concept to delivery.

From pixel perfect exposures and data management to post-production and presentation, Timelapsey take care of everything for you, always with constant client communication.

Why time-lapse? Why not?


Use our specialist knowledge and equipment to capture first-light first time and evening-rise every time.


Add production value or analyse data by observing patterns in human activity or the progression of a project.


Reveal the movements, shapes and textures hidden in our urban and country landscapes. Combine time-lapse with motion control and Ultra HD to reveal the beauty of growth, development and decay in nature with stunning clarity.


Capturing the cosmos. The sharpest stars, clearest constellations and awesome auroras. Precision time-lapse photography of the heavens with pin-point accuracy in spectacular detail.