clickhere-genericTimelapsey’s long term installations can be left unmanned for days, weeks, months or years…

Perfect for construction and demolition projects or nature and weather jobs, each rig is custom built to exacting specifications. Our self-sufficient tropicalised and arctic-grade camera housings can handle just about any extreme, off-grid conditions on the planet.

Our long term installation packages are supplied with mains powered or solar options (all with battery back-up as standard).

We offer equipment that can be viewed remotely online, great for projects 2 months or longer; and equipment that is offline, ideal for projects up to 8 weeks.

Your camera’s footage and data can be uploaded (and backed up) to our servers in real time using either wi-fi or 3G/4G mobile data networks.

contactOur bespoke software enables clients to view their cameras from anywhere in the world at the click of a mouse. This unique technology also allows our technicians to manage your data and monitor each installation remotely.

watchvideoLong term time-lapse is a very useful tool for both construction company, stakeholders and for marketing. We can setup links for website and email newsletters that automatically and seamless display the latest live image over the course of the project.

Ongoing long term time-lapse costs get cheaper on longer projects due to setup and derigs. An average project of 12 months can be as little as £399 per month, equivalent to just £13 per day. Additional cameras provisioned at the same time can also offer some saving; several can be rigged and setup in a single site visit, therefore saving on labour.

On a construction/demolition project, we can arrange a crew to visit the site on key visual days to record sequences from the ground, either static or using our robotic motion control rigs. Each ‘ground’ day results in between 10-25 extra sequences which can then be edited with the long term footage, giving a much more immersive film for your viewers.

We offer final delivery in High Definition or a choice of Ultra HD in 4K or 8K resolutions.


Self-sufficient solar packages can be installed for weeks, months or years.


Remote camera monitoring and image upload enables clients to view their cameras in real-time.