Timelapsey’s long term installations can be left unmanned for days, weeks, months or years…

Custom built to exacting specifications, our self-sufficient tropicalised and arctic-grade camera housings can handle just about any extreme, off-grid conditions on the planet.

Our long term installation packages are supplied with mains powered or solar options (all with battery back-up as standard), making these rigs ideally suited to remote, unmanned operations.

Your camera’s footage and data is uploaded (and backed up) to our servers in real-time using wi-fi or 3G/4G mobile data networks.

Our bespoke software enables clients to view their cameras from anywhere in the world at the click of a mouse. This unique technology also allows our technicians to manage and each monitor the installation remotely.

We offer content delivery in SD, HD or Ultra HD (4K or 8K) resolutions.


Self-sufficient solar packages can be installed for weeks, months or years. Ideally suited to the most challenging, off-grid and unmanned locations.


Remote image and data upload via local wi-fi or mobile broadband enables clients and technicians to view and monitor cameras in real-time.